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Lather, rinse… repeat.

In both my volunteer work and my paid jobs, being highly organized plays a key role in my ability to accomplish everything that I do. You can imagine then, my frustration, when one of my most essential tools for organization (my mac laptop) breaks down… and I can’t afford to replace it.

I do have a working PC desktop computer. The challenge is to re-create my organization not only on a different computer, but on an entirely different OS. In many cases I can’t use the same software, because PC versions are not available. The process is slow, and I won’t mince words, it’s incredibly frustrating to be forced to spend the time to set things up again.

However, there is an upside to all of this. Each time I re-build my ‘organization’ structure, I do it better. Each time, I find new tools to make things more efficient. Each time I move a little more of my structure into online services, so that it can’t be lost again, regardless of what happens to my computers.

Two years ago when my hard drive died,  I learned all about using imap to sync my e-mail rather than pop3. (Pop3 does not sync your sent mail, for example – imap does!) I also began using Plaxo to backup my address book, so that it would be impossible to lose again.

This time, I’m discovering the joy of Google Docs, to store important things like… my resume, the information documents that I need for my department at FanimeCon, and other important documents that I might need to access on short notice. Being able to collaborate on the FanimeCon documents with my department seconds is going to be a big efficiency boost.

I also found a great new free FTP program (Filezilla), and a nifty new IM program (Pidgin). I’m definitely going to take the time to put ALL of my bookmarks online somewhere… though that particular task I haven’t completed yet. I’m still frustrated with rebuilding everything from scratch, but I’m also taking joy in ‘building it better’.

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