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Walking Requires Headphones…

This cool spring morning, I woke up far too early, and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to enjoy the birdsong and sunrise with a brief walk.

It’s been a while since I went walking on my own, and I was reminded strongly of why I previously made a policy of always either having a companion, or having headphones with music or an audiobook.

Let me share my train of thought… on my jaunty little trip.

When I left the house, I was thinking about the smell of the blossoms in the air, and the birds singing, and how it was early enough that there was no traffic or construction sounds yet. Before I’d walked more than 10ft from my own driveway, my thoughts turned to realizing that I hadn’t been out on my own in a while, noting that although it wasn’t full daylight yet, there was plenty of light, and it wasn’t SO quiet that I should be worried that no one would notice or hear if I screamed.

Then my mind wandered to what I was wearing (jeans, long sleeved shirt, hoodie, jacket) and I mentally noted that I wasn’t wearing high risk clothing, remembering something I saw on TV years ago about how certain rapists target individuals wearing overalls, because they’re easier to remove… just cut the straps. From there, I contemplated that I haven’t seen overalls much in the stores lately, and wondered if there was a correlation. Maybe I just don’t shop at stores that carry them?

By then, I had crossed the street, walked almost to the corner, and remembered again that the scent of the flowers was wonderful and the birds were putting on quite a show this morning. I contemplated the reason for my walk – enjoyment and exercise… for maybe a minute or two.

After that, my mind wandered over every current problem in my life, assessed the risk factor of every person walking, standing, or sitting anywhere near my path, debated how long I wanted to walk…

On my return trip, I was going back over how unpleasant the ending of my last job was. Then I stopped my train of thought and said… ‘Wow, this walk has had way too much negativity. I really need to wear headphones if I’m walking alone.”

Not that I wouldn’t be thinking these things anyway, but at least then they’d be background thoughts.

Just sayin’.

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