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“I’m Sorry” Usage 5: “I’m sorry, but…”

I’ll share a story with you: I was at one time in a relationship with someone who almost never apologized without trying to explain why he shouldn’t have to be apologizing. “I’m sorry, but you were irritating me so much…”, “I’m sorry, but I’m really tired and this is not the best time…”, “I’m sorry, […]

“I’m sorry.” Usage 4: Genuine Regret/Sorrow

Usage 4: Genuine regret, or sorrow. This, of course, is what we normally think of when we think of the words, “I’m sorry.” “Oh dear. I broke your favorite glass figurine. I’m so sorry!” “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you a ride that time.” This usage doesn’t really require any explanation. It’s why […]

Walking Requires Headphones…

This cool spring morning, I woke up far too early, and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to enjoy the birdsong and sunrise with a brief walk. It’s been a while since I went walking on my own, and I was reminded strongly of why I previously made a policy of always either having a companion, […]

Verbal abuse… yeah, it is that bad.

Defining domestic violence as something only experienced by those in fear of their lives is allowing the abuse to continue until a victim is in danger of losing their lives by refusing to recognize it as a problem until it’s been taken to extremes.

“I’m Sorry” Usage 3: Empathy/Pity

Usage 3: Empathy (Or Pity) One very common usage of the phrase ‘I’m sorry,’ which I haven’t used much myself, is to express empathy or pity for someone who is experiencing something rotten. As in, “I’m sorry you have to go through that, it must be awful.” Or, “I’m sorry to hear that your father […]