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“I’m Sorry” Usage 3: Empathy/Pity

Usage 3: Empathy (Or Pity) One very common usage of the phrase ‘I’m sorry,’ which I haven’t used much myself, is to express empathy or pity for someone who is experiencing something rotten. As in, “I’m sorry you have to go through that, it must be awful.” Or, “I’m sorry to hear that your father […]

Question what you know…

I love books or movies that leave me introspective. Not ones that leave me morbidly contemplating how sordid the world can be and how much evil humans can perpetuate upon one another… but stories that make me question things I take for granted. So I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you.

“I’m sorry…” Usage 2: Lack of Confidence/Arrogance

Usage 2: Lack of Confidence/Arrogance (Yes, these belong together.) Well into my twenties, I was prone to apologizing for everything. I apologized for my own mistakes. I apologized for the mistakes of others. I apologized when I didn’t recognize a mistake. I apologized when I misunderstood or when someone else misunderstood me. “I’m sorry,” was […]

“I’m sorry…” Usage 1: Tame the Beast

Join me in this little journey to examine this all too familiar phrase… and the myriad ways in which we use it.

Today, I’ll talk about the first way in which I learned to use the words, “I’m sorry.”

Learning Curve… part II

This post isn’t about an easy topic. It’s about learning what I need to improve on in order to have healthy relationships with other people… be they friends, lovers, or co-workers. Improving yourself? That’s never easy.